Appendix B

Glossary of Terms Related to Real Estate and Investment in Greece This glossary provides definitions of key terms related to real estate and investment in Greece, offering a clearer understanding of the concepts and terminology you may encounter during the property buying process. Understanding these terms will provide valuable assistance in navigating the real estate […]


Understanding the Greek way of life, culture, and business etiquette is essential for anyone looking to invest in property in Greece, especially for those coming from different cultural backgrounds. Here are some recommended books, websites, and guides that provide valuable insights into these aspects: Books Websites Guides These resources provide a well-rounded understanding of Greek […]


Overcoming language barriers is a key aspect of the property buying process, especially for those not fluent in Greek. Here’s a list of translation services and bilingual professionals known for their expertise in real estate matters and their ability to assist in the Greek property buying process: It’s advisable to verify the credentials of any […]


Connecting with expat and diaspora communities can be incredibly helpful for Hellenes living abroad and expatriates in Greece. These communities often provide valuable advice, support, and networking opportunities. Here are some forums and community groups that can serve as great resources: These communities and forums can be excellent starting points for networking, seeking advice, and […]


Navigating property transactions in Greece involves various government and regulatory bodies. Here’s a list of key government departments and agencies, along with their contact details and websites, that play a significant role in property transactions in Greece: When dealing with property transactions in Greece, it’s important to be aware of the specific roles and requirements […]


For Hellenes living abroad or other international buyers looking to invest in Greek property, securing financing from a local financial institution can be an important part of the purchasing process. Below is a list of banks and financial institutions in Greece known for offering mortgage products and financial services to international buyers: When considering financing […]


It’s important to choose a legal advisor who not only has the requisite expertise but also with whom you feel comfortable communicating. Always verify their credentials and seek out reviews or testimonials from previous clients to ensure the quality of service.


The bibliography provides a list of sources, references, and suggested further reading materials that have been either directly referenced in this eBook or are recommended for those seeking more in-depth information on various aspects of buying property in Greece. These resources include books, academic papers, articles, and reputable online sources.