The appendices serve as a valuable resource, providing additional information and tools to assist potential buyers in their journey to investing in Greek property. This section includes a list of useful resources and a glossary of real estate and investment terms specific to Greece.

Appendix A: Useful Resources for Potential Buyers

  1. Real Estate Websites: List of popular websites where potential buyers can browse property listings across Greece. Include both English and Greek language sites.
  2. Real Estate Agencies: Directory of reputable real estate agencies that specialize in helping foreign investors, including those from the Greek diaspora, in buying property in Greece.
  3. Legal Advisors: Contacts for legal firms or independent lawyers with expertise in Greek property law, especially those who offer services in multiple languages.
  4. Financial Services: Information on banks and financial institutions that offer mortgages or financial services to international buyers in Greece.
  5. Government and Regulatory Bodies: Contact details and websites for relevant government departments, such as the Land Registry Office, that play a role in property transactions in Greece.
  6. Expat and Diaspora Communities: Links to forums and community groups for Hellenes living abroad and expatriates in Greece, which can be excellent sources of advice and support.
  7. Language Services: List of translation services or bilingual professionals who can assist in overcoming language barriers during the property buying process.
  8. Cultural Guides and Resources: Recommendations for books, websites, and guides that offer insights into the Greek way of life, culture, and business etiquette.

Appendix B: Glossary of Terms Related to Real Estate and Investment in Greece

  • Antiparochi: A property exchange agreement common in Greece, where land or an old house is exchanged for apartments in a new building.
  • Golden Visa: A residency-by-investment program offered by Greece to non-EU citizens who make significant real estate investments.
  • Ktimatologio (Land Registry): The official public registry of real estate properties in Greece.
  • Notary Public (Symvolaiografos): A legal professional in Greece who authenticates property transactions.
  • E9 Form: A tax form in Greece that details property ownership and is required for tax purposes.
  • Enfia: The annual property tax in Greece.
  • Transfer Tax: A tax paid on the transfer of property.
  • Asfalistiki Timi (Insured Value): The minimum value for which a property must be insured in Greece, often used for tax assessment.