Understanding the Greek way of life, culture, and business etiquette is essential for anyone looking to invest in property in Greece, especially for those coming from different cultural backgrounds. Here are some recommended books, websites, and guides that provide valuable insights into these aspects:


  1. “Culture Smart! Greece: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture” by Constantine Buhayer
    • This book offers insights into the Greek mindset, social norms, communication styles, and business practices.
  2. “The Greeks” by H. D. F. Kitto
    • An engaging introduction to Greek culture and history, providing context to contemporary Greek society.
  3. “Greekonomics: The Euro Crisis and Why Politicians Don’t Get It” by Vicky Pryce
    • Useful for understanding the recent economic history of Greece and its impact on the current business and investment climate.
  4. “Living and Working in Greece: Your Guide to a Successful Short or Long-Term Stay” by Peter Reynolds
    • Offers practical advice on the daily realities of living and working in Greece, including legal and property matters.
  5. “Xenophobe’s Guide to the Greeks” by Alexandra Fiada
    • A light-hearted yet informative guide to the Greek character and cultural quirks.


  1. Living in Greece
    • A comprehensive resource on living, working, and adjusting to life in Greece, including information on cultural norms and practices.
  2. XpatAthens
    • Provides a wealth of information for expatriates in Greece, including cultural tips and advice for settling in.
  3. Greece Is
    • An informative site offering insights into Greek culture, lifestyle, history, and current events.
  4. Greek Travel Pages
    • While primarily a travel site, it offers great insights into different regions of Greece, useful for understanding the local culture and lifestyle.


  1. “DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Greece, Athens & the Mainland”
    • Provides not only travel information but also insights into historical and cultural landmarks, which can be useful in understanding the cultural heritage of Greece.
  2. “The Rough Guide to Greece”
    • This guide is excellent for its cultural insights and practical tips for travelers, which can be equally useful for potential property investors.
  3. “Lonely Planet Greece”
    • Known for its reliable travel advice, Lonely Planet also offers valuable cultural insights and tips on local customs and etiquette.

These resources provide a well-rounded understanding of Greek life and culture, which is invaluable for anyone looking to make a meaningful connection with their investment in Greek real estate. They can help bridge cultural gaps and enhance the experience of investing and potentially living in Greece.

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