Overcoming language barriers is a key aspect of the property buying process, especially for those not fluent in Greek. Here’s a list of translation services and bilingual professionals known for their expertise in real estate matters and their ability to assist in the Greek property buying process:

  1. Hellenic Translations
    • Services: Specializes in legal and real estate translations.
    • Languages: Offers services in Greek, English, and several other languages.
    • Website:
  2. Lingua Greca Translations
    • Services: Provides professional translation services with a focus on legal and financial documents.
    • Languages: Specializes in Greek, English, and French translations.
    • Website:
  3. Tsourakis Translations
    • Services: Offers translation and interpreting services, particularly in legal and real estate contexts.
    • Languages: Greek, English, German, and French.
    • Website:
  4. EL-Translations
    • Services: A professional translation agency offering services including document translation and interpreting.
    • Languages: Focuses on Greek and English, among other languages.
    • Website:
  5. Papavassiliou Legal Translation Services
    • Services: Specialized in legal translations, particularly in real estate and immigration law.
    • Languages: Greek and English translation services.
    • Contact: Typically, contact information is available via their website or professional directories.
  6. Athens Legal Interpreters
    • Services: Provides interpreting services for legal and real estate matters in Athens and surrounding areas.
    • Languages: Specializes in Greek and English.
    • Contact: Services can be inquired about through local legal or real estate firms.
  7. Greek Law Translations
    • Services: Specializes in translating legal documents, including property contracts and agreements.
    • Languages: Offers translations in Greek, English, and other European languages.
    • Website:
  8. ProfiLingua
    • Services: Offers a wide range of translation and interpreting services, including for real estate transactions.
    • Languages: Covers Greek, English, and several other languages.
    • Website:
  9. Omega Translations
    • Services: Specializes in legal, financial, and technical translations.
    • Languages: Greek, English, and other major European languages.
    • Website:
  10. Intertranslations Ltd
    • Services: Provides professional translation and interpreting services, with expertise in legal and real estate documents.
    • Languages: Focus on Greek, English, and other European languages.
    • Website:

It’s advisable to verify the credentials of any translation service or individual translator, particularly their experience in real estate matters, to ensure accurate and effective communication during the property buying process.