Connecting with expat and diaspora communities can be incredibly helpful for Hellenes living abroad and expatriates in Greece. These communities often provide valuable advice, support, and networking opportunities. Here are some forums and community groups that can serve as great resources:

  1. Internations – Greece Community
  2. – Greece Forum
  3. Greeks Abroad Community Forums
    • Description: Online forums focused on the Greek diaspora, offering a platform for Hellenes living abroad to connect and share information.
    • Link:
  4. Athens Social Network (Meetup)
  5. Greek Expats (Facebook Group)
    • Description: A Facebook group for Greek expatriates worldwide to connect, share experiences, and provide support to each other.
    • Link: Greek Expats Facebook Group
  6. XpatAthens
    • Description: A hub for expats in Athens, offering guides, advice, and a community forum for those living in or moving to Athens.
    • Link:
  7. Brits in Crete Forum
    • Description: Although tailored towards British expats, this forum is a useful resource for all English-speaking expatriates living in Crete.
    • Link:
  8. Living in Greece (Facebook Group)
    • Description: A community for expats and locals in Greece, providing a platform to discuss living, working, and adjusting to life in Greece.
    • Link: Living in Greece Facebook Group
  9. The Hellenic Initiative – New Leaders
  10. Hellenic American Union
    • Description: Focused on the Hellenic-American community, this organization offers cultural, educational, and community activities and resources.
    • Link:

These communities and forums can be excellent starting points for networking, seeking advice, and learning from the experiences of others who have made similar journeys. They can provide support in various aspects, including real estate investment, cultural adjustment, and local insights.